Insight360 - Edition for Securities Regulators

In an effort to protect investors, securities regulators make and enforce rules including KYC, KYP, and Suitability Obligations. These are considered principal responsibilities owed by advisors to their clients and a cornerstone of the investor protection regime.

Meaningful dialogues with clients are necessary to obtain a solid understanding of their accurate risk tolerance and investment objectives, and to explain how a proposed investment strategy is suitable for the client in light of the client’s investment needs.

This is where PortfolioAid can provide insight.

Build, analyze, and document portfolio suitability reviews with current or historical dates. Allow your organization to benefit with a harmonized approach to suitability modelling.  

What is Insight360 used for?

  • Regulatory dealer audits
  • Business conduct reviews
  • Complaints management
  • Enforcement


  • All securities assigned risk ratings (e.g. low, medium, high, etc.) and investment objectives (e.g. safety, income, growth, speculative, etc.) that match securities dealer syntax
  • Portfolio suitability summary comparing KYC target allocations to actual allocations
  • Colour-coded indicators highlighting suitability status
  • As at dates for historical reviews / analysis
  • Custom PDF report exports

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