Corporate social responsibility

At PortfolioAid, we are committed to operating in a way that improves the quality of the environment in which we thrive. Recognizing the power we have to make a positive impact, PortfolioAid has created a committee for corporate social responsibility (CSR). This committee, comprised of management and non-management personnel, has as its agenda:

  • Environmental sustainability
  • Employee health and wellbeing
  • Social sustainability

Environmental sustainability

We’ve taken the view that even small changes can make a difference. By avoiding the provision of bottled water, buying only post-recycled printing material, and sourcing clean energy, we are building a positive company culture that promotes and encourages a commitment to a better future.

Employee health and wellbeing

Our commitment to employee wellbeing is a vital part of creating a positive workplace. Over the years, we have participated in numerous charity marathons including the Scotiabank Rat Race for United Way, Harry’s Spring Run Off for prostate cancer research at the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation, and the Sporting Life 10k in support of children affected by cancer. Our committee will be challenging our personnel to establish new wellness initiatives to improve the overall health of staff.

Social sustainability

PortfolioAid is also interested in the social sustainability of its operations. The Company is engaging non-profit partners in giving back to society.

Responsibility is our business

Responsibility is built into our products. Our flagship product, PA360°, promotes a healthy and positive culture of compliance in Canada’s wealth management industry by offering a product that uniquely engages all investment dealer stakeholders – not just leaving the work with the compliance department. In naming a CSR committee comprised of management and non-managerial personnel, PortfolioAid is engaging the energy and positive culture of the firm’s stakeholders – its team.

Responsibility is also built into our business. PortfolioAid is committed to the exacting standards demonstrated by our annual third-party service audit attainment in managing client data confidentiality and the availability of our service. In adopting CSR objectives around the health of our personnel and the sustainability of our business practices, we are demonstrating the same premium on responsible stewardship.