Point-Of-Sale 360°

PortfolioAid’s POS360° is designed for Canadian investment dealers that are required to deliver Fund Facts documents prior to new mutual fund purchases as outlined in National Instrument 81-101 and the POS III amendments. POS360° is an add-on module to PortfolioAid’s flagship application, PortfolioAid360°.

Advisor workflow

POS360° uses existing PortfolioAid360° advisor tools including mutual fund product information look-up and remediation workflow coupled with new functionality that easily allows advisors to:

  • Populate a shopping cart with selected Fund Facts documents
  • Manage a “favourites” list for easy access
  • Choose delivery method: email, verbal disclosure, hand delivery, and postal mail*
  • Retrieve delivery history via custom reporting

 *Mail requires integration with third party mail fulfillment provider and is an additional cost. If a preferred vendor does not exist, PortfolioAid can provide one.

Supervisor Oversight

POS360° provides supervisors with the tools and insight they require to effectively supervise the new pre-sale delivery requirements. While the primary responsibility falls to the advisor, the supervisor has an obligation to monitor daily activity and ensure that exceptions are dealt with in a timely manner. POS360° empowers supervisors by:

  • Providing daily pre-sale delivery failure indicators on the existing PA360° reports
  • Ensuring gapless supervision with alerts to inquiry resolution dashboard
  • Allowing comprehensive reporting at the dealer, branch, and advisor levels
  • Effectively preparing them for internal and external audits

PortfolioAid performance

PortfolioAid’s intelligent compliance tools help dealers manage the increasing regulatory workload. Through the use of firm wide risk assessment standards, suitability reporting, inquiry management, alerting, and escalation, PortfolioAid offers its clients a unique opportunity to streamline operations and reduce risk.

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