Toronto, April 25, 2014 – PortfolioAid marked Earth Day 2014 with a commitment to environmental responsibility by disposing of significant electronic waste (“eWaste”) in a responsible and eco-conscious fashion. The company’s eWaste consisted of defunct and obsolete server hardware, workstations, and peripherals, as well as personal systems contributed by staff.

All eWaste supplied by PortfolioAid was first subjected to complete removal and destruction of all data-carrying components such as hard drive disks. Such equipment is destroyed in-house by PortfolioAid’s hammer-wielding IT department.

Dropped-off electronics will be recycled by eCycle Solutions, a company that specializes in secure and responsible recycling and disposal. Re-usable components will find new users, hazardous materials will be safely disposed, and remaining components will be separated into reusable commercial-grade products (e.g. plastics, metals).
As an eco-conscious technology firm, PortfolioAid is proud to observe safe and responsible eWaste disposal practices.