Toronto, October 1, 2013 – Portfolio Aid Inc., Canada’s market leader in portfolio suitability and compliance automation solutions, is pleased to announce a major rebranding, including a new corporate identity, a renaming of its application suite, and a refreshed website. The company’s flagship solution has been renamed from WatchDog RCS to PortfolioAid360°.


Sam Webster, PortfolioAid’s President, explains, “The name PortfolioAid360° highlights the fact that our solution is not only designed for the Compliance Office but also remote supervisors, investment advisors, and the supporting administrative staff. Compliance is a shared responsibility and to successfully promote a positive culture of compliance one must provide enhanced visibility and access to meaningful information to ALL compliance stakeholders.”

Following in the themes of transparency and openness the application names have changed as follows:

  1. AdvisorRisk has been rebranded Advisor360°
  2. BranchRisk has become Branch360°
  3. Terrorist finance checking is WatchList360°
  4. Portfolio suitability for securities regulators and investors is Model360°

Please note that PortfolioAid’s name will remain the same, but the rebranding includes both an up-to-date logo and the launch of a new website. The new site seeks to communicate the new messaging effectively and highlight PortfolioAid’s subject matter expertise in financial risk, governance, and compliance.

About PortfolioAid

Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Toronto, PortfolioAid provides intelligent compliance solutions to retail brokerage, wealth management firms, mutual fund dealers, and the securities regulators that govern them. Leading firms have come to rely on PortfolioAid as a strategic compliance partner.

For more information or a product demonstration, contact:

Elaine Polgar

Marketing and Communications